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The bottle jack manufacturers in china The manufacturer provides naive jacks as auxiliary tools.
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While the Goodyear ROF tire adds a part of highly elastic rubber inserts on the inside of the tire, it is like a built-in "jack" - even if the compressed air is completely lost, this part of the rubber will be caused by the sinking of the body Extrusion, it produces enough elastic force to support the weight of the car body. At the same time, the bead part connected with the rim is also added with anti-compression material, with the new bead shape design, so that the tire will lose pressure Will not fall off the rim.

Someone asked

Some people may ask why Goodyear does not directly introduce solid tires? Friends who have ridden Mobike must know the answer. Compared with ordinary bicycles, the first generation of Mobike is very difficult to ride. This is because of the solid tires. The rolling resistance of tires is relatively high, and Goodyear ROF tires have been optimized by engineers and tested by German TÜV SÜD. Its rolling resistance performance is even better than competing tires; not only that, in other tire performance indicators, including dry In terms of key performance indicators such as wetland handling, braking, and comfort, Goodyear ROF tires have reached the same or even higher level of competing tires. In the view of TF, it does not sacrifice the inherent performance of tires and is the most powerful ROF tire. One point. The bottle jack manufacturers in china The manufacturer provides naive jacks as auxiliary tools.

In summary, Mr. TF believes that Goodyear ROF tires are the best choice for the balance of safety and economy. Once a gas shortage occurs, ROF tires allow the car to travel at a speed of 80km/h within 80km/h, which already allows car owners not to Stop immediately in a dangerous area to change tires, and at the same time, you can avoid the sudden loss of control of the vehicle.; Of course, you need to pay attention to the following points when using ROF tires: 1. It is recommended to use ROF tires with a tire pressure monitoring system. Check whether the wheel has lost pressure in time. 2. Run-flat tires are limited to be installed on cars approved by the car manufacturer.


Once a run-flat tire has experienced a run-flat, no matter the length of time, it must be replaced with a run-flat tire of the same specification and pattern. 4. A run-flat tire does not have an explosion-proof function, such as fatigue after loss of pressure If the limit is still used, it will cause the tires to be crushed and damaged and may cause a tire burst. 5. It is strongly recommended not to repair the run-flat tires that have been driven without pressure, but should be replaced with the same specifications (tire size, load capacity) Index and speed level) and pattern run-flat tires. 6. After the tire loses pressure, check the rim at the same time. If the rim is damaged or deformed, it should be replaced.

bottle jack manufacturers in china

Electric jacks are mainly divided into mechanical jacks and hydraulic jacks. Today, we will introduce the jacks that we often use in our lives. The hydraulic jacks that everyone is more familiar with are hydraulic jacks. The principle is the Pascal principle, that is, in a closed container, the same The pressure on the horizontal plane is the same. This should be easy to understand. As long as you have touched the physics textbook in middle school, you will not be confuse.

Its calculation formula is P=F/A, so sometimes a person can still press up a car in a closed container.The principle of the hydraulic jack is this: in a balanced system, the smaller piston The pressure applied above is relatively small, and the pressure applied on the large piston is also relatively large, which can keep the liquid still. Therefore, through the transfer of the liquid, different pressures on different ends can be obtained, so that a transformation can be achieved. .

Next, let’s take a look at the working principle of hydraulic jacks through a short video The gear drives the large bevel gear and rotates the weightlifting screw. The bottle jack manufacturers in china tell the maintenance of the jack is written in the manual.

So that the lifting sleeve can be raised or lowered, and achieve the function of lifting pulling force. This kind of mechanical jack is relatively small, and is often used in life, and its strength is definitely not as large as hydraulic. In fact, we often see one in life. The mechanical jack is called a scissor jack. It is to move the handle back and forth to move the top up and down, which is easy to understand.