How to use the jack that you buy from dining room furniture manufacturers in china
Every jack has its bearing limit, and the hydraulic jack manufacturers in china will mark this bearing limit on the jack label. Before we use the jack, we must understand the maximum load and the working limit of the jack.
Author:Yipeng| 发布时间:2020-08-21

Jack is an indispensable tool for tire replacement. In fact, many drivers do not know how to use jacks at all, let alone that using jacks in the wrong place will cause great damage to the vehicle. How to use jacks? Next, the editor will teach you how to use the jack correctly.

Jacks can generally be divided into rack jacks, screw jacks, hydraulic jacks and pneumatic jacks. Rack jacks are the most common jacks equipped with household vehicles, because they have the advantages of light weight, small size and easy storage.

limited weight

However, due to the limited weight supported, it is usually equipped with a family car with a weight of about 1 ton. "Actually, hydraulic jack manufacturers in china generally equip suitable jacks according to the vehicle's own weight. The jacks equipped on general cars can carry less than 1.5 tons, while the off-road vehicles are usually equipped with jacks that can carry about 2.5 tons due to their large weight. . Therefore, large vehicles must not use the jacks of small vehicles to avoid potential safety hazards during vehicle maintenance.

At present, an inflatable jack is very popular among car owners who like to travel by car. It uses the exhaust gas of the vehicle to inflate the air bag. Generally, the maximum support weight of this type of jack is about 4 tons, which is suitable for difficult rescue or off-road conditions. Self-rescue and relief of the car.

"If the vehicle is not completely fixed before the vehicle is supported, it is likely to slip off due to the sliding of the vehicle during the support process. Once the vehicle slips from the jack, the damage to the tools is second, if it causes the maintenance personnel under the vehicle to be injured It shouldn't be.

Jack usage

It is understood that the correct use of the jack requires the car to be parked, the hand brake is pulled up, the manual transmission car needs to be put into 1 or reverse gear, and the automatic transmission car needs to be put into the P gear.

Remember that the jack must be used on a hard and flat road. If it is a relatively soft ground, such as a dirt road or a sandy road, it is recommended to use wood or stone slabs under the jack before using it to reduce the pressure to prevent The jack sank into the soft ground.

In fact, many car owners have never used or personally replaced spare tires, nor have they read carefully the contents of the jack usage and support points in the vehicle manual.

There are dedicated support points for jacks on the bottom of the vehicle body. The support points for family cars are usually on the inside of the side skirts, like two fins on both sides of the chassis, about 20 cm behind the front wheels and about 20 cm in front of the rear wheels. This fin protrudes from the chassis steel plate and can withstand relatively large pressure.

If the jack is supported on the chassis steel plate, it is likely to cause unnecessary damage to the chassis. In addition, it is also incorrect to support the suspension arm. If the jack slips and the vehicle falls down, the chassis and jack will be damaged. The hydraulic jack manufacturers in china will mention these points in the brochure.

Some points

The use of jacks is not as difficult as imagined, it just requires some effort from everyone. Although the jack can easily lift the car, we must take the safety measures mentioned below when using it to ensure safety.

1.When we use the welding jack manufacturers in china, we must pay attention to the ground conditions, and we should try our best to choose a ground suitable for the fixed jack to operate.

If the car is on a soft ground and we cannot find a firm and flat road to fix the jack, then we can put a large and hard support under the jack, such as wooden boards, floor tiles, iron plates, etc., to help the jack be fixed on the ground.

2.Every jack has its bearing limit, and the hydraulic jack manufacturers in china will mark this bearing limit on the jack label. Before we use the jack, we must understand the maximum load and the working limit of the jack.

3.There will be support points for the jack to touch on the edges of both sides of the vehicle chassis close to the wheels. The lifting part of the jack must be supported on the support point of the chassis, otherwise it will be difficult to fix the vehicle, and it will easily cause damage to the jack or even the chassis.

Car owner

Many car owners have not used the onboard jack since they bought a car. Some car owners don’t even know what the jack looks like. In case of a situation on the road and need to replace the spare tire, it is impossible to always find someone who can help. People, then they can only hehe. Familiar with the use of vehicle tools is also a necessary skill for car owners. Therefore, we recommend that all novice friends, take time to take out the jack of your car and get familiar with it, so that you won't be at a loss when you need it.