Introduction and use of hydraulic jack set
Insert the hydraulic jack set handle into the handle sleeve, tilt the handle up and down, the piston rod should rise steadily.
Author:Yipeng| 发布时间:2020-09-29

The hydraulic jack set is a commonly used lifting tool in production. It has simple structure and convenient operation, and can be used for repairing in many occasions. Hydraulic jacks are divided into integral jacks and separate jacks. Among them, the separate jack can be used upside down like a mechanical jack.

Brands of integrated jacks include: Japanese masada, German EM and so on. Japanese MASADA hydraulic jacks are divided into: MH integrated standard jack, MMJ mini jack, MH pressure gauge jack, NPD two-stage jack, MHC claw jack, MYB low pressure hydraulic jack. Different kinds.

The main brand of split jacks is the American enerpac jack. A set of separate jacks are divided into: oil pressure, pressure gauge, gauge seat, high pressure hose, hand pump. Models include: rc universal jack, rcs thin jack, rsm ultra-thin jack, stc ultra-thin jack, clp thin self-locking jack, rrh double-acting hollow jack, cll self-locking jack, wr duckbill (expanded) Type) jacks, clsg large-tonnage single-acting jacks, clrg large-tonnage double-acting jacks, rch hollow plunger jacks, etc.

The surface of the American Enpark jacks has been treated with a special baking paint process, which has super corrosion resistance. Enpac hydraulic jacks are made of high-quality alloy steel. The products are durable, light in weight and easy to carry. The main specifications of Empek hydraulic jacks are: 10 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, 75 tons, 100 tons, 150 tons, etc.

How to use manual vertical hydraulic jack set?

hydraulic jack set


  1. Insert the slotted end of the handle into the oil return valve, and tighten the oil return valve in the right-hand direction (clockwise).
  2. Estimate the lifting weight, determine the center of gravity of the lifting object, select the focus point, and place it correctly under the lifting position. If necessary, turn the adjusting screw of the jack to the left hand direction (counterclockwise) until it touches the lifting object.
  3. Insert the hydraulic jack set handle into the handle sleeve, tilt the handle up and down, the piston rod should rise steadily, and lift the heavy object to the desired height.


  1. Take the handle out of the handle sleeve, insert the handle into the oil return valve, slowly turn the handle to the left hand (counterclockwise) to loosen the oil return valve.
  2. If there is a load, the handle cannot be turned too fast, and it is advisable to loosen the oil return valve one turn to make it lower slowly.

Maintenance of manual vertical hydraulic jack

  1. Refuel/change hydraulic oil.
  2. Put the hydraulic jack in an upright position, and the pump core and piston are lowered to the lowest point.
  3. Remove the rubber oil plug on the outer jacket and inject the cleaned hydraulic oil to the piston port.
  4. Choose N15 mechanical oil (GB443-84) when using it in the temperature range of minus 5-45 degrees Celsius, and use synthetic spindle oil (GB442-64) when using it in the temperature range of minus 5-29 degrees Celsius.
  5. Regularly check and lubricate the connection of the transmission connecting rod. If not in use, the piston rod adjustment screw and pump core should be pressed down to keep it clean and prevent rust.
  6. Try to avoid placing it in a humid environment or a place with acid, alkali and corrosive gas.