The cause of jack failure told by electric jack set manufacturers
Today, electric jack set manufacturers will tell us the reason for the jack failure and how to deal with it.
Author:Yipeng| 发布时间:2020-11-20

Today, electric jack set manufacturers will tell us the reason for the jack failure and how to deal with it.


Everyone uses electric jacks, what should I do, but what should be paid attention to when using electric jacks? Let's take a look. "Crawling" is an abnormal state of motion that often occurs on hydraulically driven electric jacks. Slight The peristalsis will cause the eyeball to produce unnoticeable vibration, and the obvious crawling will cause the movement to produce a large distance. In other words, when the movement occurs, the movement of the working parts of the equipment stops, and when the time is slow, it is crawling.

Crawling is only a few microns, invisible to the naked eye, and only aids in instrumentability. Crawling is extremely harmful to the equipment. If the grinder crawls, the surface roughness of the ground workpiece will increase. The fixture boring machine can be difficult to achieve precise positioning. Severe crawling can also be achieved. Causes machine tool vibration and damages machine tools and tools. When the drive system is not rigid enough and the drive force and load friction resistance fluctuate, creeping failures will occur. Mechanical devices and electric jacks themselves may cause failure.
In our lives, we often see some news about accidents with electro-hydraulic jacks. So why do electro-hydraulic jacks have so many accidents?


Low-voltage electrical equipment is widely used in electro-hydraulic jacks, and the number of people who use and maintain low-voltage equipment has increased. Among them, young workers, non-professional electricians and drivers without special training account for a large proportion. They lack the basic knowledge of safe use of electricity, do not seriously implement the relevant safety regulations or are unfamiliar with the equipment structure of the power supply system when working, which are the main reasons for the occurrence of low-voltage single-phase electric shock accidents.

In addition, the safety device of the electro-hydraulic jack itself is defective, the protection device is unreasonable, and the abnormal operation is also the cause of the electric shock accident. For example, when the insulation degree of the electrical equipment is lower than the specified value and no measures are taken to continue using it, it may happen Electric shock accident. In the same power supply system that uses protective zero connection, individual electrical equipment is grounded without zero connection, and there is also a risk of electric shock.

After reading the above content, now you should know why electric hydraulic jacks have frequent accidents.

In order to avoid problems in the initial use, it is necessary to learn from the jacks experience for users.