The screw jack manufacturers in china introduced function
Author:Yipeng| 发布时间:2020-09-23

The following editor introduces the characteristics of hydraulic jacks. The hydraulic jack is a new multi-purpose thing. It is composed of an oil pump and a jack. It can perform operations such as starting, jacking, straightening, tortuous, and pressure experiments. It has a compact structure and simple operation. , Use convenience, safety, fast loading and unloading and other features, applicable to factories, oil fields, ships, docks, warehouses, railway buildings, scientific research, etc.The screw jack manufacturers in china introduced the function of the jack.


   Hydraulic jack features:

1. Equipped with various accessories, it has various functions such as lifting, jacking, shoveling, chopping, etc. It can be installed quickly by using fast joints.

2. Safe operation, the oil pump can automatically unload when overloaded.

  3. Lightweight, convenient to use and carry.

  4. The oil pump adopts a composite structure. When there is no load, the flow is large and the traveling speed is fast. When the load is heavy, the flow is small and the traveling speed is slow.

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  Using method of hydraulic jack:

1. Cooperate the joint of the high-pressure hose on the oil pump with the joint on the jack, and then tighten the oil drain screw on the jack of the oil pump separately.

   2. If the oil pump needs to be refueled, the screw at the end of the oil pump can be removed to refuel, and the oil should be kept clean.

  Notes for hydraulic jack:

   1. If the oil pump is emptied, add oil.

   2. If it takes a long time to unload, you need to install a pressure holding valve, and then loosen the oil drain screw on the oil pump. Pull out the other joints on the high-pressure pipe and do not move, and the purpose of not lowering can be achieved.

3. When connecting high-pressure pipes, they should be connected on a pressure-free basis.

The self-lock jack

  Talk about the self-locking equipment hydraulic jack really can? As a manufacturer of hydraulic jacks, Yangzhou Zhongke Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. will explain to you the function of the self-locking hydraulic jack and the use of the jack. Under what circumstances should hydraulic jack self-locking equipment be used? Let's answer for you The type jack is mainly used in places that need to support heavy objects for a long time. It can still support heavy objects when the oil pressure is removed, and is safe and reliable. It can be used underwater, single effect, load retraction, and the nut self-locking makes the load safer. Especially in large projects, it is easy to operate and operate and hydraulic jacks are designed with safety pressure holding equipment, built-in pressure relief valve to avoid overload, and maintenance Jack to facilitate safe operation. The connection of this equipment is the connection of high pressure hose and threaded joint, which is convenient to use and overcomes the oil leakage defect of fast traditional joints. It is mainly used in electric power, construction, machinery manufacturing, mining, railway bridges, shipbuilding and other professional equipment Installation and lifting. The screw jack manufacturers in china expressed their ideas.

   Self-locking hydraulic jack features: Exquisite design, compactness, light weight, and easy to transfer.

  Self-locking hydraulic jacks are used to stretch cables, steel locks, bolts and bars through hollow penetration holes. It is widely used in the disassembly and assembly of main shaft and tail shaft of various shipyards.

  The self-locking hydraulic jack can install a cover on the top of the hollow cylinder and use it as a general cylinder.

  The piston rod of the self-locking hydraulic jack is plated with hard chrome, which has super wear resistance and rigidity.

  Self-locking hydraulic jacks can be supplied in complete sets, with manual pumps or electric pumps selected.

  In the case of long-term support in the operation of construction machinery and equipment, hydraulic self-locking equipment is required to complete.