The use of large tonnage jacks requires professional knowledge
Author:Yipeng| 发布时间:2020-12-31

When it comes to large-tonnage jacks, everyone should not be unfamiliar. The equipment is widely used in various fields today, but how much do you know about the most basic selection points of the equipment? The main points we look at are different for different application requirements. Some pay more attention to material, some pay more attention to performance, etc. The following introduces the content that needs to be considered when choosing a large tonnage jack from different aspects.

Choosing a jack

When choosing a large-tonnagebottle jack, we must first consider the material of the equipment. The main component of the equipment is the hydraulic jack, which includes the material of the outer cylinder, the material of the inner core (piston rod), and the material of the fixing ring (guide cover). Because of the different strengths, the materials selected are also different. The material of the hydraulic jack is one of the factors that determine a high-quality large-tonnage hydraulic jack when selecting.

Users who are familiar with our 100-ton jacks know that in the 2015 100-ton jack sales market, its sales market performed well, so it must be inseparable from the advantages of our 100-ton jack products. Let’s understand Tell me about this knowledge!

The knowledge

1. The 100 jacks should be fixed on the bracket and symmetrical to the vertical line of the pipeline center. The point of action of the resultant force should be on the vertical line of the pipeline center; the jacks should be symmetrically arranged and have the same specifications.

2. The oil circuits of the jacks should be connected in parallel, and each jack should have a control system for oil intake and return; the oil pump should match the jack, and there should be a spare oil pump; the high-pressure oil pipe should be straight and have less corners;

3. After the installation of jacks, oil pumps, reversing valves and high-pressure oil pipes are completed, test operation should be carried out; the entire system should meet the requirements of pressure resistance and no leakage, and the jack propulsion speed, stroke and synchronization of each jack should meet the construction requirements;

4. The initial jacking should be carried out slowly. After the contact parts are tightly closed, press the normal jacking speed; if the oil pressure suddenly increases during jacking, stop jacking immediately, check the reason and deal with it. Continue to advance

5. When the 100-ton jack piston returns, the oil pressure must not be too high and the speed must not be too fast.