The welding jack equipment is used in the project
Therefore, the jack plays a major role in the erection project. The welding jack equipment is used in the project.
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Nowadays, the traffic is getting busy and the role played by it is getting bigger and bigger.

However, the construction project is very complicated. It is often necessary to install or replace the cushion. If it is not handled properly, it will directly affect the quality. The synchronous jack hydraulic motor realizes continuous rotary motion, while the hydraulic cylinder realizes reciprocating motion. Therefore, the jack plays a major role in the erection project. The welding jack equipment is used in the project.


For example, the support of components (sustain), the lifting of the bridge deck, the replacement of pillars, etc. all require jacks to complete, which saves time and effort.

welding jack equipment

The welding jack equipment refers to a light and small lifting device that uses a rigid lifting piece as a working device to push heavy objects in a small stroke through the top bracket or bottom bracket. When synchronous jacks use it to achieve reciprocating motion, the deceleration device can be eliminated, and there is no transmission gap, and the motion is stable. Therefore, it is widely used in various mechanical hydraulic systems. Generally, one hydraulic pump station can provide power for multiple jacks, and they can be lifted synchronously to realize the installation of support pads or the replacement of pads. Jack When the whole is lifted.

Its bearing tonnage generally reaches the kiloton level. Under such a heavy load, in order to prevent the jack from being unable to bear it, we need to set up a connection structure between the jack and the pier foundation. Moreover, in order to protect the direct wear between the jack base and the cement structure (a basic type of component failure), we also need to pad a metal block at the bottom of the jack so that it can withstand the damage between the jack and the cement pier. The overall force.

In addition

In addition, it should be noted that when the jacking is using the synchronous jacking system, we have to determine the placement and quantity of the points according to the weight and area. When dozens of jacks are jacked synchronously, they must pass (tōng guò) plc computer control to keep the error within 0.5mm.