To know structure the common welding jacks and maintenance method
In order to use jacks better,it is good To know structure the common welding jacks and other knowledge.
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In order to use jacks better,it is good To know structure the common welding jacks and other knowledge.

Manually pressurize the hydraulic oil through a single valve to enter the cylinder. The hydraulic oil entering the cylinder cannot be poured back due to the single valve. Forcing the lever up, and then continue to make the hydraulic oil continue to enter the hydraulic cylinder, so the lever continues to rise to complete its work, when you want to lower, open the hydraulic valve to return the hydraulic oil to the mailbox.

This is the simplest working principle, Others are making some improvements on this basis.

Maintenance method

Maintenance method of ultra-thin hydraulic jack:

If there is a runaway phenomenon during use, you can first loosen the oil drain screw on the pump body, lift the pump body vertically and hit it downwards, and then tighten the drain screw to continue using.When using, do not add partial load or overload to avoid the danger of jack damage.

The hydraulic jack can be reciprocated 2-3 times without load to eliminate The air in the cavity. For jacks that have been idle for a long time, the hardening of the seals due to the long-term non-working of the seals will affect the service life of the hydraulic jacks. Therefore, when the hydraulic jacks are not in use, the hydraulic jacks should be reciprocated 2-3 times a month without load.

common welding jacks

Oil pipe

The high-pressure oil pipe has been tested at 105Mpa (1050Kgf/cm2) before leaving the factory. However, since the hose is prone to aging, users need to check it frequently, usually six months, and three months for frequent users. Use 87.5Mpa (875Kgf/cm2) to test pressure during inspecIf you need to buy jacks, you can read this guide for buying hydraulic jacks.

Its structure is light, firm, flexible and reliable, and can be carried and operated by one person. The cleaning of the hydraulic parts of the synchronous jack should be carried out on the cleaning table, assuming that the conditions are limited (limit), the cleanliness of the temporary work table should be guaranteed. Synchronous jack The cleaned parts cannot be wiped with cotton, linen, silk and chemical fiber fabrics to prevent the shed fiber from infecting the system.

The disassembly, assembly and cleaning of the hydraulic parts of the oil cylinder should be carried out in a clean room that meets the national standards. If conditions permit, the operating room can be filled to make the indoor pressure higher than the outdoor and prevent atmospheric dust pollution.