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The screw jack manufacturers in china fully considers the safety of the jack. Check the equipment to ensure that the hydraulic jack can work normally.
Author:Yipeng| 发布时间:2020-09-10

The screw jack manufacturers in china fully considers the safety of the jack.

How to use to ensure the safety of the jack. As a special lifting equipment, the use time must comply with the speed to be practical and safe to use. First, check the equipment to ensure that the hydraulic jack can work normally and eliminate hidden dangers.

The practice of normal labor. In the labor process , it is necessary to flatten the equipment and plan in the sleepers (design major projects or make plans) to ensure the key points and equipment for foundation reinforcement. In the use process, every step Will lead to sight.

Keep safe

In the process of using the sleeper, it is necessary to implement Jack’s severe test. If there is a problem, the dismissal will be executed immediately. Every detail of the implementation will be wiped, the damaged position will be repaired, and the damaged parts will be exchanged. The emergency surface is completely tightened.

The plan is to be put into use. In many cases, some not so special manipulators tend to use bricks instead of sleepers.

Because the strength of the load-bearing bricks is limited, once the dangerous thing of the use of the bearing (bearing) is certain, the operator will also There is no way to guarantee safety. In daily life in our country, you must pay attention to the hooks during the lifting process, because wood has a certain elasticity, and the area is controlled, and the pressure on the ground is small, so the bearing capacity is also large.

When the dark horse, the thickness is less than Jack may as well lift up, using a step by step pad, so using Chang Haode will affect the right or wrong.

When the hydraulic jack is lifting, the sleepers of the cushion should be kept to ensure the safe use, and the height of the sleepers can be controlled. Therefore, the peace event cannot be guaranteed to rise and fall. The sleepers must be stable in time to prevent collapse. It can finally have a good effect.

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Avoid wear

The screw jack manufacturers in china said to avoid parts wear. How to effectively deal with the phenomenon of synchronous jack wear (a basic type of component failure)?

If screw jack is used improperly during application, it will cause serious wear and tear, among which common failures are caused by seal wear, cylinder wear, inner wall scratches, inner wall corrosion, piston or piston rod scratches, etc., hydraulic equipment executive components The sealing performance of the pressure-coating cylinder directly affects the performance of the equipment, especially when the sealing performance of the larger hydraulic cylinder is damaged, it is difficult to repair or replace the parts and the cost is relatively high.

In view of the above-mentioned problems, the newer contemporary maintenance and repair method is to use polymer composite materials, and the US Micahua application technology is used to restore and repair the scratch size on site.

The material's excellent adhesion and good compression resistance can not only meet the requirements of production and use under the above-mentioned working conditions, but also the operation process is simple and easy, with no thermal influence and unlimited coating thickness. At the same time, the coating itself has excellent oil and corrosion resistance and self-lubricating function, ensuring the anti-friction performance after repair, ensuring the company's normal production, and avoiding damage to equipment components.