What is the application method of large tonnage hydraulic jack?
Author:Yipeng| 发布时间:2020-10-22

I believe everyone is familiar with large-tonnage hydraulic jacks, so how to use them? The editor will give you a brief introduction to its application methods below, hoping to help you.

Pump body oil

When the pump body oil of the large-tonnage hydraulic jack is lacking, you need to join the task oil in the pump first. 2. Estimate the minimum weight and avoid overloading. 3. Determine the center of gravity of the lifting object and choose the output point of the large tonnage hydraulic jack. It is also necessary to consider whether the soft and hard level of the ground can be padded with tough wood to avoid the risk of dumping during lifting.

After the large-tonnage hydraulic jack lifts up the heavy object, the heavy object should be supported firmly with tough wood in real time, to prevent the large-tonnage hydraulic jack from being used as a support, and to prevent several large-tonnage hydraulic jacks from being used together to avoid unbalanced load. Risk of dumping.

When using, first connect the fast joint of the hand pump with the top, then select the position, and tighten the oil drain screw on the oil pump. Loosen the oil drain screw and unload the oil cylinder.

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The safety

Use hydraulic jacks correctly: Hydraulic jacks contain hydraulic oil, which is also an important source of power for hydraulic jacks. When operating hydraulic jacks for lifting, we also need to pay attention to protecting the safety of hydraulic oil.

Before lifting work, check whether the lifting area is level or not. Regardless of the type of jack, you need to perform the lifting work on the level ground, and check whether the work site is level before the work can lift the lifting work safety.
Don't worry about the noise problem of the hydraulic jack, first stop the use of the hydraulic jack, and find a responsible person to solve the fault. Check the part where the hydraulic jack makes noise, and then check whether the parts are damaged or rusted, and repair or replace.

After the hydraulic jack is repaired, carry out a jacking test and make sure everything is normal before putting it into use. The noise problem of hydraulic jacks should be stopped immediately to solve the problem to avoid danger during the operation.