Advices of screw jack manufacturers in china
Clean the oil filter and replace with new oil every two months. The screw jack manufacturers in china recommends the use of high-quality oil pumps.
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When using the electric hydraulic jack for the first time, please open the rain cover of the motor to see if the motor is jog forward several times, idling for a few minutes, and exhausted with air in the oil circuit.

   The liquid level of the fuel tank is kept above the center line of the oil body to prevent the oil pump from sucking in air. Refueling application 120 mesh sieve filter oil impurities. Use frequently, clean the oil filter and replace with new oil every two months. The screw jack manufacturers in china recommends the use of high-quality oil pumps.

The temperatur

  The temperature of normal working oil is 20-70℃. When the oil temperature is high, cooling measures should be taken, or stop the pump to fully cool the oil; it is not allowed to directly work the oil temperature is too low, need to take heating measures, by external heating or low pressure operation to increase the oil temperature.

   Before starting, open the unloading valve to prevent the motor from overloading. When the multi-way valve is out of the system, it should be pointed out that the unloading valve is opened, and the unloading valve is closed until the pump runs normally, and then reverse the switch of the oil flow direction of the return rod.

Working pressure

   Working pressure must not increase arbitrarily. The operating force of the valve is generally not more than 100N, and the operation should be accurate. Due to the changing hose, the connection direction is limited, so the valve should be familiar with the reversing position used.

   Electro-hydraulic jacks are used for a long period of time. Due to the aging of the entire damaged gel, the compression strength of the hose will be low. Pay attention to regular inspections and frequent inspections every six months. Check the pressure test pump, it must be replaced when the withstand voltage is lower than 1.25 times the rated pressure for leakage, bulging or bursting. The use of high-pressure hoses, discounts and sharp bends should be avoided, and operators should be careful not to get too close from the hose to avoid blasting. In fixed places, steel pipes can be used instead of used.

The overhaul

  The overhaul of the electro-hydraulic jack is once a year. All parts are cleaned with kerosene. Pay attention to the surface protection of the parts. Do not arbitrarily bump the assembly. The moving parts should be flexible and non-local interference.

Sometimes due to improper operation, it will bring safety hazards and cause unexpected consequences. In order to avoid this situation, the following safety measures related to electro-hydraulic jacks are listed for customers’ reference. Below, the screw jack manufacturers in china Safety measures for jacks.

screw jack manufacturers in china


  1. The pressure of the hydraulic jack can be measured by the pressure gauge equipped with the hydraulic system.

  2. The pressure on the oil pump has been adjusted before leaving the factory, and the customer is not allowed to increase or decrease the pressure without our permission.

  3. Do not remove any accessories or equipment of the hydraulic system of the machine under any circumstances or under any system pressure. If you want to disassemble a certain part, it must be operated by a worker who has a certain knowledge of the hydraulic system.

  4. All the high-pressure oil pipes of the hydraulic jack must be checked regularly to ensure that they are still in a good condition. The high-pressure oil pipes should not have any serious scratches or wear. If the high-pressure oil pipe bursts or is oxidized due to weather due to excessive temperature, please replace it immediately and stop using the machine.

  5. All hydraulic parts assembled on the machine have been classified to meet the maximum working pressure of the system appearing on the hydraulic circuit. Any increased pressure will lead to potentially dangerous operating conditions and must be avoided.

Purchasing oil products

When purchasing oil products, please confirm that the lubricating oil and hydraulic oil are non-toxic, and only use specific oil products. You can choose 10-32 hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, and anti-wear hydraulic oil to achieve the specified work status.   7. If the body part is exposed to organic oils for a long time, it may remove the natural oils of the skin itself, which will cause the skin to become dry and localized. When coming into contact with hydraulic oil, be sure to wear gloves. Under any circumstances, do not swallow hydraulic fluid.

The electric hydraulic jack has the characteristics of large output force, light weight and long-distance operation. It is equipped with our ultra-high pressure electric oil pump station, which can realize various forms of operation such as jacking, pushing, pulling, and extrusion, and is widely used in construction engineering , Shipbuilding, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, railway engineering, etc. and other industries such as jacking, stretching, squeezing and other operations. In recent years, it has been widely used in foundation settlement tests and static piles.