Medium-power electric machinery of hydraulic jack manufacturers in china
Medium-power electric machinery of hydraulic jack manufacturers in china: ultra-thin hydraulic jacks, hydraulic pullers, hydraulic cylinders, thin jacks
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As a transmission method, the rotation of the hydraulic puller is small in size, light in weight, and has a large output power per unit. There are many varieties and specifications of hydraulic tools. Pay attention to the serialization of products to improve the standardization and generalization of parts. In the design and production, the building blocks are used to assemble the standard parts into various types and purposes. Shorten the design and manufacturing period of hydraulic puller products, facilitate the organization of multi-variety production, streamline operations, improve production, ensure quality and reduce costs.


Medium-power electric machinery of hydraulic jack manufacturers in china: ultra-thin hydraulic jacks, hydraulic pullers, hydraulic cylinders, thin jacks, self-locking jacks and electro-hydraulic jacks, through the series Work and production of generalization.

In order to better meet the production characteristics and needs of various industries, one or two parts and a variety of accessories are added to one product to expand the technological use of other tools, so as to improve the utilization rate and work efficiency of electric tools. The handle of the hydraulic tool is equipped with thyristor components for two-speed, four-speed and even stepless speed regulation.

It also developed a line jump that allows the tool to be overloaded for a short time according to the characteristics of the thyristor, and the output power and torque are increased in this short time to facilitate processing. The other is the use of a diode relay to change the impact frequency of the electric shear. . In terms of motors, the use of reciprocating linear motors for reciprocating engineers and motors with dual excitation windings is being tested to increase output power. In addition, electronic calculators have been used in the design, testing and production of hydraulic tools.

In detail

The hydraulic jack manufacturers in china will introduce in detail what is the cause of the uneven joint of the hydraulic puller:
  When starting with a hydraulic puller, if you find that the hydraulic puller will shake, you should immediately check whether the clearance between the inner end of the separating skewer and the separating bearing is consistent.

  1. If it is inconsistent, it is obvious that the inner end of the separation lever is not on the same plane. In severe cases, not only the clutch is not connected smoothly, but also the separation is not complete, and should be adjusted to meet the requirements.

2. If the gap is the same, check whether the fulcrum of the separation fork is normal. If the separation is broken in contact with the fulcrum, it may cause the clutch to shake, which should be repaired at this time.If all of the above are normal, check the fixing of the front and rear brackets and transmission of the hydraulic puller engine.

3.If the brackets and fixings are normal, disassemble the clutch, check whether the driven disc is warped, whether the friction plate is broken, oily, take the initiative Whether the disc is warped, whether the driven disc can move freely on the first oil of the transmission, etc.

Other points

4. If you start to rush, you should test the clutch pedal. If the pedal cannot be returned after being relaxed, it indicates that the support shaft is rusty and should be removed and lubricated. If the pedal is returned normally, check the movement of the hydraulic puller separation sleeve after the pedal is raised.

5. If the separation sleeve and the separation fork cannot be returned at the same time, it means that it fits with the neck of the rear uranium cover of the first shaft and should be lubricated. When Miao started reversing, he broke away from the device, and the fashion feels smooth at the start. This may be caused by the excessive looseness of the rear leaf spring riding bolt. The working state of each part of the clutch changes with the degree of pedal depression, and the abnormal noise is caused by the defective parts involved in the work. Therefore, the determination can be made based on the relationship between the abnormal noise of the hydraulic puller and the pedal position when the engine is idling