After-sales service of screw jack sets in china
screw jack sets in china
Author:Yipeng| 发布时间:2020-10-15

To be a business, one is to ensure the quality of the products, and the other is to have perfect after-sales service to satisfy customers and take care of the vital interests of customers, so that customers can do business with you with confidence, and the company will naturally come Further, the development is stronger, to ensure the long-term development of the company, if there is a problem with the screw jack sets in china, we will provide services within the warranty period.

The core of the text: Now that business is progressing and the model is also changing, people have shifted their focus from pursuing lower prices to quality and after-sales service. It must follow the pace of the times to manufacture higher quality jacks and provide complete screw jack sets in china after-sales service

Warranty scope:

(1) The ratchet gear is slipping and inflexible when used for the first time.

(2) When the ratchet set is used for the first time, the head falls off.

(3) After purchase, it was found that the base was loose and the sleeve, head and support teeth were rusty.

One of the following situations does not belong to the scope of the three guarantees, but the factory can maintain the user for life, charge the cost of the parts, and the freight is borne.

(1) Ultra-high use results in no gap between the sleeve and the upper end hole of the housing.

(2) Overweight use causes the screw to break and bend, the sleeve is deformed, bent, swelled, gears, bearings, and shells are broken, and the shell and base are pulled off and tilted.

(3) Due to the poor storage and maintenance environment, the support teeth and claws are not flexible, slipping, the sleeve is rusty, and the oil is serious.

(4) Long-term use causes the handle hole of the ratchet shell to be out of round, deformed and broken.

(5) Deformation of the head.

(6) After electric welding, gas welding, high temperature, artificial damage to the jack performance.

(7) Lack of parts and signs.