Selected hydraulic jack hydraulic jack instructions for jack users
As experienced hydraulic jack user,i will share with you selected hydraulic jack instructions, this this instruction can help to understand the structure.
Author:Yipeng| 发布时间:2020-10-16

As experienced hydraulic jack user,i will share with you selected hydraulic jack instructions, this instruction can help to understand the structure of the jack and to use the jack correctly.

The jack has a simple structure and is composed of various parts. The quality of the parts directly affects the quality and use effect of the product, so the choice of accessories is particularly important.

Mainly from the precautions of operating hydraulic jacks, operating methods, and application conditions to fully explain how it can be used correctly and efficientl


1.Before use, check whether each part and appearance is abnormal.

2.The use should be strictly controlled within the reasonable lifting height and tonnage parameters, otherwise serious oil leakage will occur at the top of the cylinder.

hydraulic jack instruct

3.When the amount of oil is insufficient, you need to add hydraulic oil that should be fully filtered to the pump before it can work.

4.The bottom surface should be flat and used upright. At the same time, the soft and hard conditions of the ground should be considered, whether it should be lined with tough wood, and whether it is placed stably to avoid sinking or tilting of the load.

hydraulic jack instruct

5.Insert the handle into the rocking hole, and move the handle up and down to lift the heavy object. Long-term lifting of the heavy object will cause the phenomenon of sinking, because the oil in the cylinder will gradually volatilize.

Jack accessories, each has a different role and is indispensable. We need to choose different parts according to the lifting weight and the application place to achieve a better use effect.

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For example, the Jack accessories from hydraulic jack manufacturers in china. It has compiled the following methods for purchasing spare parts for reference by users:

The structure:

1.Gear: fine processing, large speed modulus, more stable rotation, more compact and reliable after forging processing

2.Lifting cylinder: No. 45 seamless steel pipe, heat-treated to change its internal structure and prolong its service life

3.Copper nut: using lead brass, smooth surface, not easy to rust, anti-corrosion, drilled and polished to achieve seamless connection with the lifting cylinder

4.Body: All cast iron to achieve compact internal structure, not easy to break, and resistant to compression