Application of hydraulic jack set in bridge construction
Then some people asked, "How to choose a hydraulic jack set during bridge lifting construction?"
Author:Yipeng| 发布时间:2020-10-13

We all know that roads and bridges are an inseparable whole in the transportation system, and the quality of highway bridges often affects the safety and quality of the entire highway. Therefore, bridge maintenance and management work is very important. For bridge inspection, it is mainly through manual visual inspection and manual recording and scoring to determine the condition of the bridge structure. Then some people asked, "How to choose a hydraulic jack set during bridge lifting construction?"

The bridge

The bridge jacking must be based on the actual conditions of the bridge. The simply supported structure system bridge can be jacked up in a single span or in one group; for the continuous structure system bridge, the bridge should be jacked together in one group and ensure the jacking Synchronize. During the construction, the jacking tonnage of the jack should be selected according to the supporting reaction force calculated by the jacking to ensure that the jacking tonnage of the jack must be greater than 2 times the jacking component. The detailed construction process is as follows.

Working scaffolding is erected with steel pipes. The foundation is compacted and flat, with a concrete strip foundation. In order to enhance the stability of the steel pipe frame, a throwing rod is installed on the outside of the scaffold, and a jacking rod is installed on the inside (topped on the pier).

Jack and oil pump

Jack and oil pump calibration In order to meet the requirements of jacking synchronization, the jack should be of the same type. In order to ensure that the beam is evenly stressed during lifting, 300×300×30mm steel plates are placed under the same group of jacks, and steel beams are placed on the top. The jacks must be supported on the web, and the hydraulic jack set must be placed stably.

All jacks and oil pumps should be calibrated before leaving the field.
The method and precautions for the use of the jack are as follows: in the additional operating pressure range, if you want to determine the actual load of the jack, connect a pressure gauge seat to the oil outlet of the approved manual oil pump, and the pressure gauge will indicate the operating pressure based on the operating pressure and cylinder area. Know the weight of the heavy object.