To buy and use hydraulic bottle Jack in china
hydraulic bottle Jack in china
Author:Yipeng| 发布时间:2020-10-14

With the continuous development of modern society and the continuous deepening of industrialization, more and more large-size, heavy-weight, and irregular surface workpieces have become the objects of factory processing. In the process of processing, how to accurately lift these workpieces to the predetermined position has become the most difficult problem to solve. At this time, hydraulic bottle Jack in china and cranes and other equipment show innate shortcoming The defect comes. It is also in this environment that various jack systems came into being and are playing an increasingly important role in construction, machining, shipbuilding and other industries.

hydraulic Bottle Jack in china

There are many types of hydraulic jacks. When buying and using hydraulic jacks, you must pay attention to:

  1. Facing the guide for buying hydraulic jacks, it is necessary to understand in depth, insist on cleaning the jack regularly, and refueling it.

2. When the jack is lifted, the staff is strictly forbidden to stand in front of the jack safety bolt, otherwise it is prone to damage and cannot be used.

3. When in the jack lifts heavy objects, it cannot be left unmoved for a long time or used as storage objects.  4. When the hydraulic Bottle Jack in china descends, pay attention to the slow action, and be sure not to slam the accelerator to let the hydraulic bottle Jack in china descend.

   5. When several jacks are lifting heavy objects synchronously, a special command staff must be responsible for the command to keep the lifting synchronized to prevent accidents unobstructed.