Correct use of hydraulic jack for truck
Don't worry about the noise problem of welding hydraulic jack for truck, stop using the hydraulic jacks first, and find a responsible person.
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Correct use of hydraulic jacks: Hydraulic jacks contain hydraulic oil inside, which is also an important source of power for hydraulic jacks. When operating hydraulic jacks for lifting, we also need to pay attention to protecting the safety of hydraulic oil. Before carrying out the lifting work, check whether the lifting area is flat.

Regardless of the type of jack, the jacking work needs to be carried out on the flat ground, and before the operation, check whether the work site is flat to improve the jacking work safety.

Noise problem

Don't worry about the noise problem of welding hydraulic jack for truck, stop using the hydraulic jacks first, and find a responsible person for troubleshooting. Check the noise of the hydraulic jack, and then check whether the parts are damaged or rusted, and repair or replace it.

After the hydraulic jack is repaired, carry out a jacking test and make sure everything is normal before putting it into use. The noise problem of hydraulic jacks should be stopped immediately to solve the problem to avoid danger during the operation.

Wipe the dust on the hydraulic jack in time to prevent the dust from contaminating the hydraulic oil of the machine body and causing deterioration. Do not tilt the hydraulic jack to prevent oil leakage. If the storage environment is dry and ventilated, do not choose a humid and cold environment, which will make the hydraulic jack more prone to corrosion and rust. Hydraulic jacks must pay attention to these details when working. Since hydraulic jacks may be used at high places, such as building bridges, be careful when using them.

knowledge points

When we use welding hydraulic jack for truck, the oil temperature will be too high. How can we solve this phenomenon? Below, our staff will give you a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge points.

1. There are impurities in the hydraulic oil used or the specifications of the used hydraulic oil do not match; 2. The pipeline in the hydraulic jack system is not smooth, including the hydraulic jack joint, the hydraulic jack connecting hose, and the hydraulic pump station suction port. Places that need to be checked.

Now the emergence of hydraulic jacks has been widely used in various places, but in the process of use, due to some circumstances, the inner wall of the hydraulic jack cylinder will be scratched. What is the reason for this situation?

Welding hydraulic jack for car

Other points

1. The wear of the piston rod or cylinder body during plating hard: the cylinder body of the hydraulic jack is processed into semi-finished products on the lathe and sent to the electroplating workshop. After the hard shell is plated, it is lifted by a heavy-duty truck during the transportation process, and it is lifted to the surrounding The impact of the environment, or when placed, the impact of its own gravity, and the impact of uneven ground, resulting in scratches.

2. Foreign matter mixed into the cylinder during the assembly process: the assembled parts are sent to the assembly workshop after being processed. If foreign matter accidentally enters the cylinder during the assembly process, it will cause the product to be used in the future. Causes damage to the inner wall of the cylinder. This kind of foreign matter may come from the external environment, or it may be the cylinder body burr remaining in the cylinder body during the smoothing process.

3. Sundries enter the cylinder accidentally during cleaning: Filters should be installed when cleaning the cylinder, otherwise it is easy for sundries to enter the cylinder during cleaning. This will not only fail to clean the cylinder, but also To cause foreign objects to flow into the cylinder is counterproductive.

4. The oil port is not sealed during normal maintenance: the oil port is placed for a long time without being sealed, and it is easy to enter the sundries. This is absolutely not allowed, so after the hydraulic jack is used up, it is necessary to cover the hydraulic pressure with oil The oil port of the jack.

Service life

V. Lifting heavy objects when the hydraulic jack is under partial load: Check the manual before use. Generally, the larger partial load of the hydraulic jack is 15°. If this partial load is exceeded, the friction between the cylinder and the piston will increase.

When lifting heavy objects, it is easy to wear the piston in a high-pressure environment. Failure to adjust the partial load in time will greatly reduce the service life of the welding hydraulic jack for truckW. After the inner wall of the hydraulic jack cylinder is damaged, it will not be repaired. The damage range will be enlarged during use, and it will even cause the hydraulic jack to leak oil and fail to lift. If it is serious, it will also cause the entire hydraulic jack to be scrapped.