The tips of using a Welding hydraulic jack for car
The Welding hydraulic jack for car is a device that is often used in life, so it is very important to be familiar with its characteristics and how to use it.
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The Welding hydraulic jack for car is a device that is often used in life, so it is very important to be familiar with its characteristics and how to use it.

The tips

First, if there is a runaway phenomenon during use, you can first loosen the oil drain screw on the pump body, lift the pump body vertically and hit it downward for a few times, and then tighten the drain screw to continue using it.

Second, when using, do not add unbalanced load or overload, so as to avoid the danger of jack damage. When there is a load, do not remove the quick connector to avoid accidents and damage to the parts

Third, if oil is used as the medium, the oil and the maintenance of the machine must be done well to avoid blockage or oil leakage, which will affect the use effect.

Fourth, the new or long-term hydraulic jack, because there is more air in the cylinder, when you start to use it, the piston rod may have a slight sudden jump, and the hydraulic jack can be reciprocated 2-3 times without load. Exhaust the air in the cavity. For jacks that have been idle for a long time, the seals will harden due to the long-term non-working of the seals, which will affect the service life of the hydraulic jacks. Therefore, when the hydraulic jacks are not in use, the hydraulic jacks should be reciprocated with no load every month. Exercise 2-3 times.

The material

The material selected for the hydraulic jack: the main component of the hydraulic jack is the hydraulic jack, which includes the material of the outer cylinder, the material of the inner core (piston rod), and the material of the fixing ring (guide cover). Due to the different strengths , The materials used are also different.

The selection of the material of the hydraulic jack is one of the factors that determine a high-quality hydraulic jack; 2. The selection of accessories for the hydraulic jack: The sealing ring is a very important part of the hydraulic jack.

Choose a good sealing ring It is the basic requirement of a high-quality hydraulic jack; 3. The electric motor (hydraulic pump station) equipped with the hydraulic jack, various valve bodies, power distribution equipment, motors, etc. used in the assembly of the hydraulic hydraulic pump station must be guaranteed by using high-quality manufacturers' products The quality of the supporting hydraulic pump station and the stability of the power source in a high-quality hydraulic jack system are also very important.

Welding hydraulic jack for car

Knowledge of a hydraulic jack

  1. Electromagnet failure.
    a. The electromagnet is jammed or burned out, and the movable iron core is jammed. Can be disassembled for repair or replacement. The burnt out rewind the coil for repair or replacement.
    b. The electromagnet has insufficient driving force or magnetic leakage. Check the cause, repair or replace.
    c. The electrical circuit is faulty. For example, the circuit cannot be energized, the cause can be found out and the fault can be eliminated.
    d. The solenoid wiring is wrong.

The impurity causes the valve core of the solenoid valve to be stuck, if it is, clean, change the oil and clean the filter.Check whether the spring of the Chinese style is broken, missing or incorrectly installed. If it is, reinstall and replace it.
Large internal and external leakage of solenoid valveIf the seal is damaged, replace the seal.The outer diameter of the valve core or the inner diameter of the valve body hole is worn, so that when the matching gap between the two increases, the outer diameter of the valve core can be repaired or replaced.
Insufficient flow through the valve after the spool is reversedThe push rod in the solenoid valve is too short. Replace the putter with an appropriate length.The spool and the valve body have large geometric accuracy, the gap is too small, and there will be jamming when moving, so they are not in place. Should be equipped with research to meet the requirements.The spring is too weak and the thrust is insufficient, so that the spool stroke is not in place. The appropriate spring should be replaced.