First bought a hydraulic jack from hydraulic jack manufacturers in china
Author:Yipeng| 发布时间:2020-09-28

When we first bought a hydraulic jack, what attracted you the most? After the introduction of the shopping guide, we will understand this little thing. Many friends are very curious about how the hydraulic jack is so small that it can lift objects that are hundreds or even thousands of times heavier than itself?

Convenient and lightweight

We all know that hydraulic jacks are convenient and lightweight when used, but they are actually a simple lifting equipment. In addition to hydraulic jacks, the cranes we usually see on the road are actually a kind of lifting equipment, but the structure of the crane is more complicated, and it has enough strength to lift objects heavier than itself.

The most obvious difference between a hydraulic jack and a crane is that it is only composed of an ordinary crane structure, so it looks very simple and lightweight. Since the hydraulic jack has so many advantages, is its quality guaranteed? Some users experience hydraulic oil leakage during use. Why does this happen?

What is hydraulic oil? It is the power source of the hydraulic jack. The hydraulic jacks we see are generally closed, and the hydraulic oil cannot be seen, so because the hydraulic oil pump is inside. If there is a leak, we must first understand whether the seal is selected correctly, and see whether the hydraulic system design of the hydraulic jack is reasonable.

A qualified hydraulic jack

A qualified hydraulic jack must have a relatively reliable hydraulic system. In addition to the convenience of design, we must consider the ambient temperature and ultimate pressure, but also the load conditions and changes in working speed. If the choice of seals is not very reasonable , The hydraulic jack manufacturers in china cannot guarantee a good fit with other parts of the hydraulic jack. After all, the hydraulic oil is a liquid, and a slight gap will flow out. In addition to the sealing quality is not good enough, if the hydraulic oil is contaminated by external dust and debris, there will be leakage, because it prevents the hydraulic oil from being contaminated by the debris, or the sealing system is damaged and leaking. Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer will provide supporting equipment. Dust sealing device.

hydraulic jack manufacturers in china

In addition

In addition, if the hydraulic jack manufacturers in china does not carry out the strength calibration connection part in the process of designing the hydraulic jack, or does not have sufficient roughness and geometric accuracy, the same failure will occur.

In addition, the quality of the raw materials used to manufacture the hydraulic jack is qualified. The air in the hydraulic oil will generate bubbles, and the air pressure in the oil pump will become larger and larger, which is very likely to cause the oil pump to burst. If the hydraulic jack is used for too long, there will be many cracks and damages on the surface, and at the same time, the aging degree will continue to deepen, resulting in hydraulic oil leakage. Therefore, the staff should carry out regular maintenance on the hydraulic jack, and try to avoid damage to the internal components of the hydraulic system due to friction and collision.