Speed adjustment of hydraulic jack manufacturers in china
The hydraulic jack manufacturers in china recommends regular maintenance of the jack.
Author:Yipeng| 发布时间:2020-09-28

What is a split hydraulic ultra-thin hydraulic jack? As the name implies, different pressures on different ends can be obtained through the transmission of liquid. The split ultra-thin hydraulic jack is composed of oil cylinders, oil pumps, pistons, joints and other components. The pump and the hydraulic cylinder are separated, and the middle is connected by a hose.

When the separate ultra-thin hydraulic jack works, it must have a power source. What is the power source? In short, it is a manual oil pump or an electric oil pump. When the ultra-thin hydraulic jack is working, the oil pump must be filled with oil to lift the ultra-thin hydraulic jack.

Split hydraulic ultra-thin hydraulic jacks are widely used in bridges, engineering construction, chemical industries and other industries.
Let’s talk about the mechanical ultra-thin hydraulic jack. The mechanical ultra-thin hydraulic jack is an integral type. The hydraulic cylinder and the oil pump are connected together. The structure is relatively small and the weight is light. It is widely used in factory docks and transportation industries.

Hydraulic jack of manufacturer, is the most common lifting equipment in automobile maintenance, and it is widely used in various lifting operations. Before using hydraulic jacks, we always need to assemble the hydraulic jacks first.

The hydraulic jack manufacturers in china recommends regular maintenance of the jack.

  1. Open the hydraulic jack packing box , take out the hydraulic jack (a jack with a larger tonnage requires a crane or a forklift), place it steadily on the place where you need to work, and choose the jack’s focus reasonably. The bottom surface should be leveled, and the soft and hard conditions of the ground should be considered, whether it should be lined with tough wood, and whether it is placed smoothly to avoid sinking or tilting of the load.
  2. Connect the hydraulic pump station to the hydraulic jack, and connect the motor circuit of the hydraulic pump station
  3. Press the switch of the motor and the no-load hydraulic jack for several rounds. This step is very important. Its main purpose is to discharge the air in the hydraulic jack and the hose;
  4. Knob unloading valve, hydraulic jack returns oil, stroke drops, and assembly work is over here. In order to use the hydraulic jack safely, it is necessary to assemble the hydraulic jack. Only by strictly following the instructions to assemble step by step, so that the hydraulic jack will not cause problems in later use and will be safer.