How to improve the power of hydraulic jack set
Author:Yipeng| 发布时间:2020-10-23

The hydraulic jack set The pressure of hydraulic oil is manually added by a person. After all, human strength is limited, and the area of ​​the cylinder of the jack is also very limited, so the oil pressure of the jack will not be very high.

To obtain tens of thousands of tons of force, how much pressure and how much piston cylinders are needed in the hydraulic system to achieve this goal. What method should be used to obtain high hydraulic oil pressure?

The Speciality Hydraulic Bottle Jack is also a very common hydraulic jack set, which can be used as an example.

hydraulic jack set


Among the five components of the hydraulic jack hydraulic system, the hydraulic power component plays a role in providing the power source to the system and is an indispensable and core component of the system. The hydraulic system uses a hydraulic pump as a power element that provides a certain amount and pressure in the system.

The hydraulic pump converts the mechanical energy output by the prime mover (electric motor or internal combustion engine) into the pressure energy of the working fluid-oil pressure, which is an energy conversion device.

The configuration of jacking force is different for different types of jacks, such as Speciality Hydraulic Bottle Jack.

The hydraulic pump is the power element in the hydraulic transmission system. It converts the mechanical energy input by the electric motor into hydraulic pressure energy. The separate jack provides the system with a working medium with a certain flow and pressure. The hydraulic pump is an important part of the hydraulic transmission system and the source of power for the entire system.

Types of hydraulic pumping stations

There are many types of hydraulic pumping stations, which can be divided into the following categories according to different standards:

  1. 1.Single-acting pump: The suction port and the hydraulic port cannot be interchanged, such as a vane pump.
  2. 2.Double-acting pump: The suction port pressure oil can be interchanged, such as gear pump and bolt pump.
  3. 3.Quantitative pump: The output flow cannot be adjusted, generally gear pumps and screw pumps.
  4. 4.Variable pump: The output flow can be adjusted, generally there are hydraulic pumps and stud pumps.