How to repair and disassemble conventional hydraulic jack
Author:Yipeng| 发布时间:2020-10-20

When the conventional Hydraulic jack breaks down and needs maintenance, how to effectively disassemble it? Let's talk about this aspect.

The disassembly of the conventional Hydraulic jack is not carried out casually. It is necessary to follow certain steps and find them regularly, so that the product can be dissected safely and reasonably to check the problems and achieve better maintenance results.

conventional Hydraulic jack

5 points

  1. 1.When disassembling the conventional hydraulic jack, in order to prevent the slender parts such as the piston rod from being bent or deformed, it should be supported by a stow to be balanced and placed upright.
  2. 2.The disassembly must be carried out step by step, because the structure and size of various hydraulic cylinders are different, the disassembly sequence is also slightly different. Generally, the oil in the hydraulic jack should be drained first, then the cylinder head should be removed, and finally the piston and piston rod should be removed. 3.When the piston and piston rod are difficult to withdraw, they should not be removed forcibly. The reason should be found out before disassembly.
  3. Ensure that the surrounding environment is clean before and after unloading to prevent the parts from being polluted by dust and impurities, which will affect the later use.
  4. 4.After disassembly, carefully check the problem, which parts can continue to be used, which parts can be used after repair, and which parts must be replaced.
  5. 5.After the problem is checked and solved, all parts need to be repaired and maintained to extend the service life, and finally follow the order of disassembly.