How to use the car jack?
In addition to lifting the car, the jack of the car jack set has many other uses. For example, if you cut a tree in half and put a jack in it
Author:Yipeng| 发布时间:2020-09-30

In addition to lifting the car, the jack of the car jack set has many other uses. For example, if you cut a tree in half and put a jack in it, you can directly fall the top of the tree.

What is even more serious is a small actual case. The child's head got stuck in the railing, and the police used a jack to prop it up to rescue the child. I will teach you how to use the jack today.

Where does the truck jack look like?

The car jack is usually under the cushion of the trunk, and is placed together with the spare tire. There are 3 types, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic. Most of the truck-mounted jacks are mechanical, with few hydraulic and pneumatic.

The machine has strong reliability, low cost, long service life and relatively small size, so it is used more, but the disadvantage is that it is relatively laborious.

What should I pay attention to before using a car jack?

Place the car on a hard and flat road and fix it

First of all, it is best to park on a hard and flat road. If it is not firmly fixed, it will cause injuries to vehicles and people.

Then turn off the car, put the automatic gear into P gear, and pull on the handbrake. The manual gear is in first gear or reverse gear and the handbrake is applied. Because the handbrake can only provide braking power to the rear wheels, the gear can be braked by the engine, and the front wheels will not slip, which is more secure.

Here I suggest that friends, always keep a pair of gloves. It is easy to use and not expensive. It will not get your hands dirty during operation, and to a certain extent, it avoids scratching injuries. It is very practical.

car jack set

Pay attention to the maximum weight of the jack

There will be a label on it that says the maximum weight of the car jack set. Our Cruze’s jack is 1.3 tons, so the car jack is best for special purpose vehicles.

Try not to use jacks on non-supported vehicles. You put the Cruze on the sand cart for use, it was broken long ago, and there is an accident.

At the same time, don’t sit in the car, it will shake as soon as you sit, or the car will slip off the jack. These are all dangers, all risks.

How should the jack be used?

We found two cars, Volkswagen Lavida and Chevrolet Cruze, both of which are diamond-shaped mechanical jacks. Only the connecting rods used for lifting are slightly different. The Lavida is two-stage and the Cruze is one.

Align the support points of the vehicle chassis

If you find the lifting position before lifting, there will be a lifting position mark next to each tire of the car.

This Lavida is a convex section, and the Cruze is a concave section. Whether it is concave or convex, the lifting position is definitely different from that of the side. You can probably recognize it when you lie down.

Skilled lifting operation

After determining the position, raise the jack and slowly lock it into the lifting position. Here is a little trick, you first twist the knob on the jack by hand, it is easier to check the position, twist it by hand until it can not be screwed, and then use the connecting rod tool.

Here we want to praise Lavida’s connecting rod design. After the hook is inserted into the knob in the jack, just repeat the clockwise rotation with the right hand. It is efficient and labor-saving, which is relatively easy to use.