Hydraulic jack suppliers share the positive energy
Hydraulic jacks set up a bridge between tire producers, tire operators, and tire users. Let tire producers gain the market; let tire dealers gain performance
Author:Yipeng| 发布时间:2020-11-02

Hydraulic jacks set up a bridge between tire producers, tire operators, and tire users. Let tire producers gain the market; let tire dealers gain performance; let end tire consumers use quality, price, and service value Reassured tires. Pass the positive energy of the tire industry and let tires create beautiful things!

Many jacks, such as Speciality Hydraulic Bottle Jack, can get more applications.
Please provide suggestions if you can avoid this kind of phenomenon. If the cart is out of order, the repairman came to the repair shop to reduce the trouble for the driver. Finally, the 30 tons of squeeze operation violated the rules.


As a result, the vehicle was crushed on the ground and the repairman’s leg was pressed down. , Bosses, car owners, social forces, armed police officers and soldiers worked together to save us, the repairman brother warned: every repairman must operate according to the rules, no more similar dangerous rules, society or love more, if there is no social power, no everyone’s Working together may also result in unimaginable results. We are grateful to people from all walks of life in society.

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Potential safety hazards

Electric hydraulic jacks are not universal. Simply put, the jacks of trolleys cannot be used for vehicles with excessive weight. The more common jacks equipped with household cars are rack jacks, because they have the advantages of small size and easy storage. But because of the support The weight is limited, so it is usually equipped with a family car with a weight of about 1 ton. The manufacturer usually equips the jack according to the weight of the purchased model. For the Speciality Hydraulic Bottle Jack, the manufacturer also matched it on the model.

Generally, the jacks equipped with cars can carry less than 1.5 tons, while the self-weight of SUVs and sports cars is relatively large, and the jacks equipped with them can usually carry about 2.5 tons. Therefore, do not randomly borrow other people's jacks to avoid potential safety hazards. The car is unstable and cannot be jacked. If the vehicle is not completely fixed before the vehicle is supported, it is likely to cause the vehicle to slip during the support process. Once the vehicle slips from the jack, the damage to the tool is considered minor. If it causes the maintenance personnel under the vehicle Injuries are terrible.