Know more about the large-tonnage welding hydraulic bottle jack sets
The large-tonnage welding hydraulic bottle jack sets produced by the manufacturer have a simple structure.
Author:Yipeng| 发布时间:2020-09-15

The large-tonnage welding hydraulic bottle jack sets produced by the manufacturer have a simple structure, a very simple operation, convenient and flexible! Even one person can easily operate the large-tonnage jack. The large-tonnage jack studied by the manufacturer based on the trend of modern jacks has many advantages, such as the following advantages:

1. The large tonnage jack is sturdy and durable, and has a very good integration;

2, very easy to carry;  

3, the large tonnage jack has particularly high corrosion resistance, and its high-sealing design increases its service life;

4. The spring is very flexible and can be retracted at will;

5.The quality of the large tonnage jack is high and the quality is very reliable! Extremely convenient to use;

Cleaning: The cleaning of large-tonnage jacks is very important to its construction. If the cleaning of large-tonnage jacks is not in place, it will be difficult to make the construction work normally, so its cleaning is very important! Regularly clean the pipes of hydraulic jack components.

Welding Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Dirt in the oil will accumulate in the bending part of the pipe and the circulation cavity of the oil circuit board. The longer the service life, the more glue will accumulate in the pipe, which increases the large tonnage jack. Large tonnage jacks may block the damping holes of certain hydraulic components, especially the quick couplings, and will accelerate the aging of the hydraulic jack seals and cause hydraulic components to malfunction. Therefore, large tonnage jacks should be cleaned regularly.

Generally, some equipment will have large or small faults after a long time, such as large tonnage hydraulic cylinders. Is there any common fault of large tonnage hydraulic cylinders? Everyone is using large-tonnage hydraulic cylinders but they don't know its common failures. How should we deal with failures? Will it be messy? I heard that you don’t know these common senses. The editor is afraid that failures will affect your normal work, so I invited experts from our company. Then we will follow the experts to see what are the common failures of large tonnage hydraulic cylinders?

Large-tonnage hydraulic (hydraulic) cylinders often fail due to seal wear, cylinder wear, inner wall scratches, inner wall corrosion, piston or piston rod scratches, etc. during use.

Hydraulic equipment executive components are coated The sealing performance of the cylinder will directly affect the performance of the equipment, especially when the sealing performance of a larger hydraulic cylinder is damaged, it is not only difficult to repair or replace parts, but also costly. The electro-hydraulic welding hydraulic bottle jack sets are the executive element in the hydraulic transmission system. It is an energy conversion device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.