Learn more about hydraulic jacks from hydraulic jack manufacturers in china
The hydraulic jack manufacturers in china hope that users can learn more about hydraulic jacks.
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Things to consider when choosing a hydraulic jack: the type of hydraulic jack. Different types of hydraulic jacks are used in different operating situations.

There are many types of jacks, such as bridge jacks, mining jacks, etc. Customers should choose the type suitable for use according to the actual operating situation; hydraulic jack specifications. Choose the appropriate specifications according to the tonnage of the lifted heavy objects. Do not use small-tonnage hydraulic jacks to lift large-tonnage heavy objects. It is easy to damage the hydraulic jack.The hydraulic jack manufacturers in china hope that users can learn more about hydraulic jacks.


Do not use hydraulic jacks for overloading. For example, in bridge construction, if you lift a 10-ton bridge, try to choose high-tonnage jacks, which can be used for a long time without overloading.

Understand the limits of the scope of use of hydraulic jacks, hydraulic jacks are not always available, so the model you choose depends on your own construction situation. During the operation, a dedicated technician should guide the operation to ensure the smooth completion of the work.

The reason why the base of the hydraulic jack should be firm: all the forces are except the piston cylinder of the hydraulic jack to lift, the base is receiving all the forces, so the base needs to be firmly placed; if the base of the machine is not stable, it will cause construction It will cause tilt; note that there is an oil valve on the base, so its stability is also related to the influence of the oil valve; pay attention to the position of the base of the hydraulic jack to be flat, if it is not flat, a flat plate pad should be used.

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The hydraulic jack is malfunctioning, but the problem cannot be analyzed on the surface. What should I do?
If you can be sure that there is an internal problem, do not disassemble, and the problem cannot be solved, then you can consider disassembly. If it does not need to be disassembled, it will cause a lot of trouble, especially if the electro-hydraulic jack is disassembled, it is more difficult for skilled workers to repair, and it is time-consuming and laborious.


Today, as hydraulic jack manufacturers in china , here are some tips for you to pay attention to when disassembling and assembling.

1: Before disassembling the jack, loosen the pressure regulating pistol such as the overflow valve, so that the hydraulic circuit is depressurized, that is, the pressure is close to zero. Then cut off the power, stop the hydraulic jack, and stop in a position where it can be disassembled. Drain the two-cavity oil of the hydraulic jack, disassemble the cylinder head, correct the thread before dismantling, pour some kerosene, leave it for a period of time, tap the cylinder head lightly to make the threads loose, and then remove it.

2: Before removing the piston and piston rod assembly from the cylinder, the dirt in the cylinder must be cleaned before disassembly. The piston cannot be forced out of the cylinder to prevent the dirt from damaging the cylinder hole. When disassembling, avoid damaging the thread on the top of the piston rod, the thread of the oil port, the surface of the piston rod and the piston, and avoid unnecessary beating and accidental drop on the ground.

3: When the hydraulic jack is repaired and then assembled, in principle, all seals should be replaced with new ones. The cause of the original seal should be found out before replacement, so as not to damage the seal again with the same reason. All parts can be assembled after careful cleaning .