The screw jack manufacturers in china introduced two methods
The screw jack manufacturers in china must guard against such risks.The separated jack has a tension spring reset structure. After the lifting is completed.
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For electric pump, please refer to the operation manual of electric pump. The center of gravity of the heavy object should be selected moderately, the jack should be selected reasonably, the bottom surface should be leveled, and the soft and hard conditions on the ground should be considered. After the jack lifts up the heavy object, the support should be used to support the heavy object in time to prevent the use of the jack as a support. If you need long-term support for heavy objects, please choose.

When several jacks need to be lifted together, in addition to the correct placement of the jacks, a multi-jack diverter valve should be used, and the load of each jack should be balanced, pay attention to maintaining the synchronization of the lifting speed. It is also necessary to consider the possibility of sinking on the ground due to uneven weight to prevent the risk of skew caused by the weight being lifted.

When in use, first connect the quick connector of the hand pump with the top, then choose the orientation, and tighten the oil drain screw on the oil pump, and then you can work. To lower the piston rod, loosen the hand wheel of the manual oil pump in a counterclockwise direction, unload the oil cylinder, and the piston rod will gradually descend. Otherwise, if the rate of decline is too fast, there will be a risk.

The screw jack manufacturers in china must guard against such risks.

The separated jack has a tension spring reset structure. After the lifting is completed, it can be quickly removed, but the connected hose cannot be used to pull the jack. Because the jack has a small lifting stroke, the user must not exceed the extra stroke when using it to prevent damage to the jack . The jack should be prevented from violently oscillating during use. Not suitable for use in workplaces with acid, alkali and corrosive gas. The user should check and maintain it regularly according to the operating conditions.

screw jack manufacturers in china

This phenomenon is different from the creeping phenomenon of hydraulic cylinders. After the signal is sent, the hydraulic cylinder does not act immediately, and then moves after a short pause, or it can move from time to time, and it is very irregular. The main reasons and elimination methods for this insensitivity are.

Excessive air removal method in the hydraulic cylinder: exhaust through the exhaust valve; check whether the air is sucked in from the sealing ring of the piston reciprocating part, if so, replace the sealing ring. There are irregular phenomena in the operation of the hydraulic pump, such as large vibration and noise; pressure fluctuations; obstruction of pump rotation; slight seizure.

The screw jack manufacturers in china introduced two methods.

Refer to the content of related books for the exclusion method. For hydraulic cylinders with buffer devices, when starting in the reverse direction, the one-way valve orifice is too small, so that the amount of oil entering the buffer cavity is too small, and even a vacuum occurs. Therefore, the moment the buffer plunger leaves the end cover, the piston will stop or stop temporarily. Regression phenomenon.

Remedy: enlarge the one-way valve orifice, see "Common failures and repairs of buffer exhaust devices" in Section 5 for details. When the piston moves at a high speed, the steel ball of the one-way valve flows with the oil flow, so that the valve hole is blocked. Resulting in irregular movements. Elimination method: see related content. The inner layer of the rubber hose is peeled off to make the oil circuit open and closed at all times, causing irregular movements of the hydraulic cylinder. Solution: Replace the rubber hose. There is a certain lateral load.