The screw jack manufacturers in china provide solutions
Author:Yipeng| 发布时间:2020-09-27

A good ultra-thin hydraulic jack must undergo strict inspections from production, packaging to delivery. The ultra-thin hydraulic jack of the hydraulic jack factory follows this principle. When the ultra-thin hydraulic jacks are produced, first of all, they are selected high-quality materials.

The ultra-thin hydraulic jacks are forged with No. 45 steel, which is durable. Our production personnel are divided into labor and cooperation, and each person is responsible for different parts. , The purpose is to do well, after an ultra-thin hydraulic jack is done, we will see that the exterior is very beautiful.

The ultra-thin hydraulic

The ultra-thin hydraulic jack will be debugged and installed before leaving the factory, and will be sent to the customer only after the inspection is qualified to ensure that the customer is satisfied when using it. In addition to debugging before leaving the factory, the packaging is also very meticulous. We use wooden box packaging to prevent damage to the ultra-thin hydraulic jack during transportation.
Let’s talk about the after-sales service of the screw jack manufacturers in china. They solve the problem. If they can’t communicate by phone, they will return to the factory for repair. As long as it is not artificially damaged and within the scope of the warranty, the round-trip shipping is paid by our factory, and we will do our best to satisfy customers.

 screw jack manufacturers in china

After reading the above description, I believe everyone also knows why the ultra-thin hydraulic jack of the hydraulic jack factory is so popular with customers. Therefore, buying an ultra-thin hydraulic jack depends on the quality of the product and after-sales service, so that you can use it with peace of mind.

For customers

For customers who use the hydraulic pipe bender for the first time, how can the hydraulic pipe bender encounter a failure during use, how can the fault be found? Below, the screw jack manufacturers in china provide hydraulic pipe bending Machine failures and solutions that usually occur.

  1. The piston rod cannot be extended and the pipe cannot be bent during use. The solution steps are as follows:
    a. First, check whether the steel ball in the switch has fallen. Then, tighten the switch clockwise. After tightening, try again to see if the same situation still occurs. If not, it means it can be used normally.
    b. Check whether the hydraulic oil in the oil tank is full. The oil in the oil tank should be full so that the hydraulic pipe bender can work normally.
    C. Check whether the limit screw on the switch is against the upper circumferential surface of the cylinder head. If the switch appears to be closed due to false appearance, it should be properly screwed out.
    d. Check whether the limit screw on the switch is blocked by the stopper. If it also causes an illusion of shutting down, you should try to change a screw hole.
    2 The plunger pump has a hollow phenomenon or the oil cannot be sucked out.
    a. Eliminate the air in the fuel tank. No air can enter the fuel tank, otherwise the pressure will not rise.
    b. If there is not enough oil in the oil tank, the oil tank should be filled up.
    c. Use oil that meets the requirements in the oil tank, and the oil should not be too thick.