The way to use the jack of hydraulic jack manufacturers in china
The use of the jack of hydraulic jack manufacturers in china is not as difficult as imagined, it just requires some effort from everyone.
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What problems should be paid attention to when using jacks, and what are the problems when using jacks

The use of the jack of hydraulic jack manufacturers in china is not as difficult as imagined, it just requires some effort from everyone. Although the jack can easily lift the car, we must take the safety measures mentioned below when using it to ensure safety.

Fix the vehicle

Before lifting the car with a jack, we must first fix the car to prevent the car from being unstable after being lifted and smashing it down and hurting people.

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Why do manual transmission vehicles need to be in gear to fix it?

If it is in neutral gear, the car is equivalent to only relying on the hand brake to brake, and the hand brake only applies to the rear wheels. If one of the rear wheels needs to be replaced, then after the jack lifts the vehicle, it is equivalent to leaving the other rear wheel with braking force. It is difficult to ensure that the car is fixed; if the gear is mounted, the car will be controlled by the engine Even if one wheel is off the ground, the other three wheels have braking force, so the operation is obviously more secure.

  1. 1.Don't forget to take safety warning measures

After stopping the vehicle, we can't ignore the necessary safety warning measures. Hurry up and put the warning triangle within a safe distance behind the vehicle!

  1. 2.Pay attention to the bottom of the fixed jack

When we use a jack, we must pay attention to the ground conditions, and we should try our best to choose a ground suitable for the fixed jack to operate.

If the car is on a soft ground and we cannot find a firm and flat road to fix the jack, then we can put a large and hard support under the jack, such as wooden boards, floor tiles, iron plates, etc., to help the jack be fixed on the ground.

  1. 3.Pay attention to the maximum load capacity of the jack

Each jack has its bearing limit, and this bearing limit will be marked on the jack label. Before we use the jack, we must understand the maximum load-bearing capacity and the working limit of the jack.

The safest way is to make the jack "specially dedicated to the car", and try not to use the jack on the non-matching car body, in case the supporting force is not enough to cause accidents.

  1. 4.Align the support points of the vehicle chassis

There will be support points for the jack to touch at the positions on both sides of the vehicle chassis near the wheels. The lifting part of the jack must be supported on the support point of the chassis, otherwise it will be difficult to fix the vehicle, and it will easily cause damage to the jack or even the chassis.

  1. 5.It is safer to put a spare tire under the car

After lifting the vehicle, let's not rush to remove the wheel hub screws. Safety measures are the most important thing. Before changing the spare tire, we might as well put the spare tire under the car, in case the jack cups are out, there will be a spare tire pad if the car falls.

  1. 6.The lifting operation should be steady or slow

To be honest, the jacks equipped with the car are not "thick and hard" goods, and their strength is only enough to support the car itself. If we use too much force during the lifting operation, the jack will easily be deformed and scrapped and cannot be used.

Summary: Many car owners have not used the onboard jack since they bought the car, and some car owners don’t even know what the jack is. People who help, then they can only hehe. Familiar with the use of vehicle tools is also an essential skill for car owners. Therefore, we recommend that all novice friends, take time to take out the jack of your car and get familiar with it, so that you won't be at a loss when you need it. The hydraulic jack manufacturers in china mentioned this.